Clinic & Patient Management System


Clinic & Patient Management System

App Tech Solutions is an impressive clinic and patient management system. It is developed for doctors and clinics to handle multiple doctors appointments and encounters at the clinic. It allows you to make, manage and track appointment booking of patients for doctors. Add holidays, receptions, set reminders for appointments and set the email notification for doctors. Keeping privacy on forefront, each doctor’s appointment can be kept private to others.

App Tech Solutions is a flexible system that lets you manage doctor’s professional practices of the related background like Orthopedic surgeons, Dentists, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, and so on.

App Tech Solutions system also allows you to accommodate different modules for doctors and patients. Each doctor will have their individual dashboard. Super admin on App Tech Solutions will have an aerial view. It has got everything you need to manage your patients and bookings effortlessly. App Tech Solutions system is backed with an intuitive user interface. It is a simple, functional, and powerful system for your site.

It is built on cutting-edge frameworks like Vuejs, Webpack, Saas and many others. If you are looking for a high performance system then, this is for you.


  • Hassle-free 24×7 appointment bookings

  • Add holidays and important events and notices

  • Provide customizable templates for clinic and patient management

  • Quick view of important clinic module

  • Super Admin can view complete activity log for all doctors

  • Super admin can create doctors, patients and other users

  • Keeping track of appointments

  • Manage day-to-day appointment & encounters

  • Create and check invoices/encounters

  • Set the reminders by the system on important events

  • Manage patient registration, appointment and encounters

  • Check on the status of clinic session changes

  • Sent email with links and redirect to the dashboard

  • Access to super admin module

  • Add static data and maintain profile settings

  1. Welcome Screen

  2. Configuration Screen

  3. Clinic session Detail

  4. Dashboard

  5. Patient Add

  6. Patient List

  7. Appointments List

  8. Appointments Booking

  9. Patient Encounter

  10. Invoice

  11. Email Templates

  12. Clinic Profile

  13. Patient Dashboard

  14. Patient Appointment Booking

  15. Telemed Patient Dashboard

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